GoldMine Web Client

The GoldMine Web Client was released this past week.  It is part of GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.2.  Any new customers or customers under maintenance who upgrade to this version will get the Web Client at no cost.

The new Web Client and GM Mobile have been renamed to GMConnect.

The Web Client will allow users of GMPE to access limited data and functionality from their browser over the Internet.  This is the first release of this product and therefore is somewhat limited.

Users can access contact information consisting of main data, pending, history, details, additional contacts, and notes.  You can also view activities in your calendar, schedule and complete activities.  That is about it for version 1.0.

Although the Web Client is better than having no access at all, you really need to evaluate its shortcomings and make sure that your remote users have what they need.

For example if you are using the Cases functionality in GMPE your remote users will not have access to this.  You can only schedule Calls, Other Actions, Events, and Forecasted Sales.  So if you schedule appointments you are out of luck and will have to schedule them as Other Actions.

Also, expect to find bugs as with any first release.  I am sure that these will be fixed in short order.

If you want more information or would like to compare the Web Client with W-mobile please contact me.

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