Disaster Recovery for SMB

So what happens when the violent thunderstorms are rolling through and a tornado is spawned and rolls right across the building that houses your business.  Are you prepared for that?  What about a fire or flood?

Weeks or months without an office.  Your phones are down.  Your computers are destroyed. Have you been backing up your important data?  Did you ever test restoring the data to make sure that it works?  Is the backup buried in the pile that used to be your office or did you store it off-site or in the cloud for safe keeping?

Now for your assets.  Do you actually know what you own?  Where it was and who had it?  How are you going to file an accurate insurance claim?

A good disaster recovery plan is not just for the big guys.  Having a system in place that tracks your assets so that you have 100% visibility at any time is critical to getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Not to mention that a system will save you money.  No more lost assets. No more buying something that you already have stored in some closet or warehouse.

Many of your important assets don’t live in your accounting system.  They cost less than $5,000 and are expensed immediately upon purchase.  Once you buy that computer, laptop, or iPad you don’t really know where it is unless you have a good tracking system.  This is especially true if you have multiple locations and if your assets tend to move around from person to person or location to location.

So please start planning for that disaster.  Even if it never happens you will sleep better.




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